Long Tag Generator By Bomb Jr
Long Clan Tag Can Only Be 15 Characters. Tags Longer Than 15 Characters Will Show Up As (null).

Enter Desired MEME:

{*0} = White Text
{*1} = Red Text
{*2} = Yellow Text
#N = New Line
™ = ™
{tri} =
{Circ} =
{X} =
{sq} =
{dUP} =
{dRight} =
{dDown} =
{dLeft} =
{Select} =
{Start} =
{L1} =
{R1} =
{Stick} =

Other Characters:

NitePR Format Code:

[Click "Generate" to Generate Code]


In Game View:

Click "Generate" to view your imposter as it will appear in game.

To Get the TM Outside the Bracket:

1.) When you enter the tag add the end bracket ] and then the TM.
2.) Generate the Code.
3.) In the generated code, on the last line before the lines that are 0x00000000 you should see an A2.
4.) Replace the two zeroes next to the A2 (example: 0x0000A284) with DE. (0x00DEA284)
5.) Now your TM will be on the outside when you create your tag.

Clan Tag

1) Log onto FTB2 online and create a clan. (If you already have a clan skip to Step 3.)
2) Log offline and then back online.
3) Go DIRECTLY to your clan and click "Edit Clan Roster".
4) While in edit roster, press and scroll to "Edit Clan Tag".
5) Don't type ANYTHING and open NitePR and highlight ONLY the MEME you want to use.
6) Exit NitePR and press the music button. Your tag should appear.
7) Press Triangle button, or scroll to "ENTER" on the keypad, to enter the text for new Clan Tag.
8) DO NOT press the note button and log off RIGHT AWAY.
9) Log back on and you're done! Enjoy!

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